Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kindah bin Saba

Kindah bin Saba, ancestor most noble;
Hear what has happened to your children, if you are able.

Kings over much of Arabia became we,
Never from your grave could you that foresee.

The Arabs have chosen your son; 
Of the greatest poets ever he is one.
In all they are seven;
Poetry on the walls of House of Heaven.

Arabia  bowed to idols of shame;
Yet some of your blood adored Allah's Name.

The greatest of Prophets has arisen, the best and purest guide;
Now I cannot call you noble in comparison, 
that I cannot hide.

Nor can I hide that unworthy was your daughter;
On the first night the Noble one divorced her. 

But be proud of your son who at Badr fought;
313, Paradise they bought.

How terrified was Caesar of yet another son;
His mention made him quake and called him bare chested demon.

A son of Kindah was the greatest minister of the Umayyad Empire;
He built the Dome of the Rock, did you know that sire?

Though I love him not, 
it has to be told;
A great thinker you begot,
the west thinks him gold.

They were your sons who sailed across the sea,
That Indonesia and others Muslim would be.

But the sword of time does not falter;
Kindah, your blood is now like water.

How odd that one from our line did the world shake;
Allah alone knows the truth and what is fake.

Usamah of Kindah, you are the last of our amazing story;
Our days are gone, to Allah alone is eternal glory.

سليمان الكندي

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