Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Plan in motion 300 years before Balfour

I am currently reading "The Secret History of the West" by Nicholas Hagger. Whilst the writing style is very difficult to follow, and most of the book is quite frankly plain conjecture, one little gem I gained from the book is a real must-share.

It is known that Edward I expelled the Jews from England in 1290, and that they could only return after Cromwell killed King Charles I in 1649. The author however proves that the Jews, under the leadership of Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel financed Cromwell. To what purpose? World Government? Why England?

Their belief was that the scattering of the Jews should be to the "angle" or end of the earth, interpreted as "Angle-Terre" or England. From there would be their springboard to Palestine, however long it might take (3 centuries actually).

The following extract from the Rabbi's address to Cromwell is interesting in itself (quoted from Jewish website):

My second Motive is, because the opinion of many Christians and mine doe concurre herein, that we both believe that the restoring time of our Nation into their Native Countrey, is very neer at hand; I believing more particularly, that this restauration cannot be, before these words of Daniel, Chap. 12. ver. 7. be first accomplished, when he saith, And when the dispersion of the Holy people shall be compleated in all places, then shall all these things be compleated: signifying therewith, that before all be fulfilled, the People of God must be first dispersed into all places and Countreyes of the World. Now we know, how our Nation at the present is spread all about, and hath its seat and dwelling in the most flourishing parts of all the Kingdomes, and Countreys of the World, as well in America, as in the other three parts thereof; except onely in this considerable and mighty Island. And therefore this remains onely in my judgement, before the Messia come and restore our ration, that first we must have our seat here likewise.
My third Motive is grounded on the profit that I conceive this Common-wealth is to reap, if it shall vouchsafe to receive us;

سليمان الكندي

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