Monday, 10 October 2011

Evolution & the 10 year old

Its's quite daunting teaching Islam to a 10 year old who has not had the benefit of a formal Islamic education system and in addition to the challenges of just living in the west, learns in a school not very conducive to inculcating the Islamic spirit. Oh for the days when al-Imaam Maalik rahimahullah could snub the Abbasid Emperor's request that he leave al-Madinah and teach his children in Baghdad. The Imaam was adamant that one goes to seek knowledge, it does not run after you. Today we have to maintain the Dien as we can, or am I a contributor to lowering the value of knowledge? But I digress...

On Thursday my rather bright student asked, "You say that Allah created Adam, but science says that we are evolved from apes." Before getting to the summary of my reply, note the following indications of how the poor boy has already been affected:
  1. "You say..." - as if this is my own queer view, not absolute fact.
  2. "Adam"  not "Aadam عليه السلام"

Me: Science does not say that. Some people say that, but its not science. I just saw a documentary a few weeks back about how scientists who do not believe in evolution lose their jobs, get fired and are oppressed because they do not believe in evolution, or even just because they want to discuss the possibility that evolution is not true. They are not even allowed to bring their evidence. There are many scientists in the world who are not Muslim, but they do not believe in evolution. As scientists they believe that there is a Creator. Now tell me, what does the word "theory" mean?

Student: Something which might be?

Me: Exactly! It's not an absolute fact. You will say, "My theory is.... I theorise..." In other words, "I think so." Its not something that is definitely proven. Even those who believe in it will call it the "theory of evolution."Evolutionists have never given any absolute evidence for any stage of evolution. Whereas the opposite is true.  Evolution can be disproved at any stage. They claim that at every stage the animal changes to something better. They say from a single celled animal fish came which became amphibians which started walking because they wanted to come onto the land. They became apes and then humans.

Student: Isn't it that there are bush babies somewhere in there?

Me: Maybe, whatever that is. Let's just look at the fish story. You go a lot to Durban isn't it?

Student: Yes.

Me: Does your daddy fish?

Student: No.

Me: Okay, ask him to take you fishing. Now if you take a fish and throw it on the beach, have you ever see it grow legs because it needs to walk on land?

Student (laughing): No.

Me: Okay. Shame. Let's give the evolutionists another chance. What will happen if you take 20 fish and throw them on the beach?

Student: You'll have 20 dead fish.

Me: Let's be patient with the evolutionists. Take a thousand fish.

Student: A thousand dead fish.

Me: A million?

Student: The sea will be empty. 

Me: Yes, a million dead fish without legs..... Now even the evolutionists must admit that there is an Allah who designs everything. They will say "nature saw a need", "nature made a change". Who or what is nature to have its own mind and  decide these things? Let's start at the the single cell when there were no creatures who could see. Now how does the first creature decide, you know what, seeing will be a great idea. Let me me grow a pair of eyes! Let's say you were born blind. Can I explain the difference to you between blue and red? 

Student: No.

At that moment his cousin walked into the room wearing a T-shirt with a print of cars of various colours. 

Me: How does that creature decide it needs to see the difference between the red car and the green car on Riyaad's T-shirt? Who can have made sight, the first eye, besides Allah?

Having already gone 4 minutes over schedule I had to cut short and dismiss him, but what was clear that my 10 year old student could grasp facts which academics will not. Another day, another battle...this one won. 

سليمان الكندي

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