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Abusing Jesus – NO Innocence of Muslim leaders

as salaamu alaykum

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سليمان الكندي


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Say: We believe in Allah and what has been revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes; as well as what has been given to Moses and Jesus and what the Prophets received from their Cherishing-Lord. We do not discriminate against any of them. Unto Him do we submit.
[I use "Jesus" in this article instead of the Arabic Isa alayhis salaam. An explanation will be given later.]
Just for a moment imagine that a Muslim is free to allow others to abuse  Jesus (peace be upon him), let alone actually abusing him.  The average Muslim – I hope – cannot conceive of such a notion. He or she is raised to revere not only this sacred personality, but his family as well. The uneducated Muslim might not know of the many verses  and entire chapters of the Quraan devoted to them, but he will never utter their names without adding 'alayhis salaam - peace be upon him. He might not be able to quote extensive commentaries of the Quraan, but he will name his children after those about whom he is thoroughly convinced that Allah loves them. Thus I have a nephew called Isa and a cousin called Imraan (Mary's father) and that is indeed nothing unusual amongst Muslims.
A simple love that the common Muslim demonstrates, yet it is not always followed to its rightful conclusion by those who assume leadership of the masses. The enemies of Allah stoop to the lowest of levels in insulting Jesus, Prophet of Allah, but I have yet to hear a squeak of protest from Muslim leaders worshiping their own trinity of power, fame and wealth. it's as if they are saying, "Who's going to cheer for me and donate funds to me for defending the honour of Jesus peace be upon him? Nah! Not my problem!"

Corpus Christi
A play which abuses as a homosexual that sacred personality whom the Quraan calls Allah's Word and Spirit.  His Disciples are depicted in the same manner. When this American filth made its appearance in Athens in October 2012, some Greeks had the decency to be upset. Google this story and see the focus on lambasting the protestors as Nazis and Fascists. So what if they are Nazis? See how twisted man's mentality has become. Attack the protestors and act as if accusing Allah's friends of sodomy is a non-issue!
From an Islamic perspective we believe that we are the true inheritors of Jesus's legacy - peace be upon him. It should be us defending his honour. Corpus Christi is not new. A few years back I mentioned this play to a man with great political clout and who acts as a leader of Muslims. His reply? We can't look at every small little thing. In other words, "Who's going to cheer for me and donate funds to me for defending the honour of Jesus peace be upon him? Nah! Not my problem!"
"Small," the Muslim leadership says. Were the accusation of sodomy made against their fathers, would it be a "small, little thing"?

Piss Christ
Supposedly a work of art. A miscreant sub-human fills a glass with his urine. He places an image of Jesus peace be upon him in the urine. He takes a picture of this and what does the anti-Christ regime of America do? It contributes to his US$ 15,000 prize! Naturally some Christians are upset, but where's the protest from the servants of Islam?
Nah! Not my problem!We can't look at every small little thing.
Some even try to console themselves that this is only in regards "Jesus" NOT "Isa alayhis salaam", so it's not an Islamic issue. I'm not going down the path of even bothering to address such convoluted logic. I therefore acknowledge responsibility by using "Jesus".
Yet even if a Muslim deludes himself into thinking that  this does not concern us, surely those who are more political minded and not so sentimental can at least comprehend that if we support the Christians in their righteous grievance, they in turn will be more sympathetic to our grievance in regards the next Innocence of Muslims? Unfortunately when the heart is clouded the mind becomes clouded as well.

Jewish Comedians
The Jews simply cannot wait for the second coming of Jesus peace be upon him. They have already fired the opening salvos for the Battle of Lud. Jewish "comedy" is one of their weapons of choice. The following is supposed to be a "joke" of Sarah Silverman:
“I hope the Jews did kill Christ! I’d do it again! I’d f…’n do it again in a second!”
The "comedian" Seinfeld has Larry David splash urine on the eye of a painting of Jesus peace be upon him. It's then supposed to be  joke that the Christian lady in the comedy thinks it's a miracle and the drop of urine is a tear-drop!
Do you find this funny or does your Islamic feelings call you to revolt against such a Satanic world obsessed with dumping Allah's beloveds in their toilets?
Nah! Not my problem!We can't look at every small little thing.
Once you allow these dark forces to mock the Prophets, they are free to mock Allah. How can a Muslim remain silent?
The same Silverman has sex with a man portrayed as being ALLAH in her 2011 feature, "The Morning After." "Allah" declares what a wonderful time he had with her and begs her to come with him!!!! I am fully aware that there will be those who will condemn me for even mentioning this and will sanctimoniously pronounce, "Quoting disbelief is also disbelief." Well, what are these pious folk doing when Allah and His Messengers are so filthily reviled? I'll tell you what, they are saying .......Nah! Not my problem!We can't look at every small little thing.
The above filths are but common examples of how demonic the media and western culture are. Those who wish to conduct further research will not be at loss for further examples. For me, even one of the above is enough.

Concluding remarks
  • The fact that only a tiny percent of Christians express horror at the reviling of Prophets is proof in itself that Islam has inherited the legacy of Allah's Messengers. Christians have abdicated their role as slaves of Allah.
  • At the same time, let us take lesson from the dignified approach of the sincere Christians, for that is supposed to be our way. Did the Christians kill an innocent ambassador for any of the above the way we did?
  • The average Muslim loves the Prophets and would be furious if he knew of their ill-treatment. He is just not informed enough of what is happening.
  • Our leaders have not fulfilled their duty, be it Muslim countries, political parties, community forums or scholars. Groups such as Hamas and the Taliban should remember that if they truly espouse an Islamic state, an Islamic state is responsible for treating its Christian inhabitants with dignity. Blasphemy is not limited to insulting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.  If opposing abuse of Jesus peace be upon him is intolerance, then I'm proudly intolerant.
  • If any of the above Muslims have actually defended the Prophets then do inform me, a retraction is in order, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  • I thank two Christian gentlemen for having the guts to defend the dignity of one of Islam's Prophets, Jesus peace be upon him. It is my sincere hope that Nathanael Kapner and Commander Joseph Cortina be blessed with belief in the Final Messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as well.

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