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What will survive when the Trumpet is blown?


As Salaam Respected Sheikh. I have a question which I was hoping the honorable Sheikh could assist with. "I have heard that there are 7 or 8 things that wont be destroyed when the trumpet is blown. Is this true? Apparently the pen is one. If so, what are the others?


My Reply:

Firstly, allow me to tender my apology, for noticing  your comment, I normally receive an email alert which I do not see in this case. 

As I have stated before, those who make claims, especially in matters of religion, are obliged to offer their proof. We are not obliged to research every claim without reference. However, it is in accordance with our belief that not everything will be destroyed when the Ṣūr [Trumpet] is blown at the end of the world. The details of this might not however accord with what you have heard. 

ونفخ في الصور فصعق من في السماوات ومن في الأرض إلا من شاء الله
The Trumpet will be blown into. All those in the heavens and on earth will lose their senses [die] except for those whom, Allah wills. [az-Zumar: 68]

The grammar of the verse indicates that the excepted ones are beings “من  – who” as opposed to inanimate or non-beings “ما  – what”. From this it would seem that al-Qalam [the Pen which wrote destiny] is a creation which will be destroyed and is not excepted. 

The archangels

The complete and definite list of who is excepted is in the knowledge of Allah, but we know the archangels to be definitely excepted as narrated in several books of Tafsīr [commentary of the Qurān]:

وروي من حديث أنس أن النبي - صلى الله عليه وسلم - تلا : ونفخ في الصور فصعق من في السماوات ومن في الأرض إلا من شاء الله فقالوا : يا نبي الله ، من هم الذين استثنى الله تعالى ؟ قال : هم جبريل وميكائيل وإسرافيل وملك الموت
Anas narrated that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم  recited, “The Trumpet will be blown into. All those in the heavens and on earth will lose their senses [die] except for those whom, Allah wills.” So they asked, O Prophet of Allāh! Who are those whom Allāh Most High will make an exception for?” He replied, “Jibrīl, [Gabriel], Mīkāīl [Michael], Isrāfīl and the Angel of Death.”

Mūsā – Moses peace be upon him

لا تخيروني على موسى فإن الناس يصعقون فأكون أول من يفيق فإذا موسى باطش بجانب العرش فلا أدري أكان فيمن صعق فأفاق قبلي أو كان ممن استثنى الله

Do not express superiority of me over Mūsā. Mankind will lose their senses and I shall be the first to gain consciousness. Mūsā will be grabbing the side of the Throne. I do not know if he will be amongst those who lose consciousness and regained it before me, or will he be amongst those whom Allāh will make an exception for. [al-Bukhārī]

Other Suggestions

There are other possibilities which the scholars have deduced and might not be explicitly mentioned by the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم . Yet all are animate:
·         The Angels who Bear the Throne.
·         Ridwaan, the angel in charge of the gates of Paradise.
·         Mālik, the angel in charge of the gates of Hell.
·         The Ḥūr – damsels of Paradise.
·         The martys.
·         The angels of Hell.
·         The punishing creatures of Hell.
None of the famous commentaries mention the Pen. If it is amongst the exceptions the claimant should provide proof.

سليمان الكندي

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  1. as salaam

    how are you ml?

    would it be possible to tell me where the kalimas are derived from? you know the 7 kalimas that we are taught from young? I guess they are derived from the quraan and the hadith but what I'd like to know is who compiled them in that form and called them the kalimas? I mean why do we have 7 and not 8? is there any virtue in reciting for example the 5th kalima?

    I totally accept them and read them with conviction. I'm just curious to know how they came about in a systematic formation.

    your brother in islam