Sunday, 8 June 2014

Requesting your advice in regards my IT platforms

The history of this blog goes back to a period when I was translating books and some of my mails sent to a few correspondents went viral. In regards translations, I just couldn’t find the strength any longer to allocate time to a time-consuming, thankless and financially unsustainable activity. In regards my emails, I viewed it with horror that my mails should become spam in other people’s inboxes. 

Thus when a well-wisher suggested that blogging might provide a supplementary income to free me for more translations, I also realised that this might be a platform to record my thoughts without being a party to spam. You read my article by your volition, not because your inbox has been spammed. May the brother who made the suggestion be rewarded. He has saved me from causing difficulty to others in this regard. However, as Google disapproved advertising on my blog, his original intention of income generation never saw the light of day.
After 30,000 hits and very few comments, other well-wishers have made suggestions. Your input however would also be appreciated. Please comment or mail me. Bear in mind that I am not very IT savvy, I need media that will not take much time and am not in a position to invest in anything expensive.  

I finally agreed to start tweeting
Admittedly I still don’t have the full hang of Twitter.

I have been asked to make my articles available on audio and upload them on YouTube. I suppose a recording on my phone might suffice, but any suggestions on software for editing, inserting a third party clip in between etc?

I have been asked to make transcripts of podcasts (really don’t have time for that). Any suggestions?

I have been asked to mature beyond blogging and start my own website. As simple as my blog may seem, it really took a lot of learning to get the basics running. Is there a way to start a simple website without having an IT degree, import everything from the blog and redirect anyone who clicks on the blog to the website?

Any constructive criticism, suggestion and comment will be welcome.

سليمان الكندي

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