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CII Interview: Time to speak up against the Muslim betrayers of Gaza

 Below is transcript by Br Ebrahim Moosa of the end part of the interview he conducted with me  on 26 Aug 2014.

It has also been reproduced by Jamiatul Ulama KZN

At the time of this post I am not aware of a full podcast being available yet.

 سليمان الكندي
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Time to speak up against the Muslim betrayers of Gaza

Ebrahim Moosa – Cii News | 28 August 2014/02 Dhul Qa’dah 1435
The Egyptian regime role in the siege of the Palestinians in Gaza is an oft-neglected dimension of the suffering of the Palestinians and urgently needs to be addressed by Muslims, Cii Radio has heard.
Describing the response of solidarity activists as possibly tantamount to a double standard, scholar and author Moulana Sulaymaan Kindi told Ulama In Focus that Gaza was not only hemmed in by Israel but also by a ‘Muslim’ country, Egypt.
“How utterly shameful that a so-called Sunni Muslim country is part of the siege against the Palestinians that food, supplies, medicine is not reaching these people – innocent women and children, civilians – not because of a Zionist siege on Gaza, but because Sisi’s Egyptians have blockaded Gaza,” he said.

Kindi opined that Saudi Arabia bore a direct responsibility for this state of affairs due to its bankrolling of the oppressive Egyptian regime.

“Who put Sisi in power?” he asked. “Who has donated 20 billion US dollars to organise the coup that removed a pious Muslim Mohammed Morsi?”

Kindi drew attention to a series of  “disgusting and nauseating” recent pronouncements relating to Gaza emanating from the Saudi royals.

“King Abdullah made a public statement of August 1 that the massacre in Gaza was caused by Hamas. Non Muslims, Jews have shed tears – even gone in the streets condemning the massacre of the Palestinians – and this man, ruler of the Haramain, can blame Hamas?” he asked in disdain.
He further slated the Saudi monarch for endowing a medal of honour to the Egyptian strongman, even while Gaza was being relentlessly bombed.

“A medal of honour for laying siege to Muslims?”

Kindi said Muslim activists would often cite sentiments from Western politicians of the ilk of Madeline Albright(regarding the genocide in Iraq) as evidence of callousness, but inadvertently turn a blind eye to those Muslims who are part of the nexus.

“Which country allowed the siege of Iraq and allowed half a million Muslim children to starve – the same Saudi family which takes its orders from America.”

He said efforts to isolate and boycott Israeli supporting entities in South Africa and worldwide should be commended, but other parties complicit in the oppression of Palestinians should be punished too.
“Why does nobody mention our Muslim brothers laying siege to Gaza, and the Muslim Saudis sponsoring to the tune of 20 billion US dollars to help massacre the Palestinians. This is a double standard..why do we keep quiet on one wrong, and we go all out on others? This is a wrong that can be rectified.”

Kindi added the Saudi regime only existed because of the goodwill and quiet of Muslim organisations and individuals who take finance and “free Hajj tickets” from the royals.

“A little pressure Insha Allah can go a long way to reforming them or removing them,” he said. “But silence is simply not the answer”

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